From day one of an assignment, as an agency worker, you will be entitled to the following two rights:

i. The right to access information on job vacancies

The hirer you are working for must inform you of any relevant job vacancies in their organisation and ensure that you have the same access as other workers to the information available. This does not mean that you will automatically have the right to be employed by the hirer; you must follow the usual recruitment process that they use. (This does not apply in the situation where the hirer has a freeze on external job advertisements where any vacancies are held for internal moves in order to prevent potential redundancies).

ii. The right to access collective on-site facilities

You will also be entitled to access collective facilities such as crèche and childcare facilities, canteen facilities, car parking and the provision of transport services that are provided to the hirer’s own workers.

This access to facilities can be refused if your hirer has ‘objective grounds’ for doing so. In practice this means that if there is a waiting list for childcare facilities or a car park space, you will not automatically be entitled to a place but can be subject to the same criteria to access the facility as someone directly recruited by the hirer. You will not be entitled to ‘amenities’ such as subsidised gym membership and season ticket loans as they are considered to be a reflection of the long-term relationship between an employee and a hirer. The hirer has sole responsibility for ensuring that you receive these Day One rights.