Assessments provide full program simulations. This requires the test taker to complete an actual software task in a fully functional software environment. To enhance the simulation, all documented methods of completing tasks are supported, including menubars, right-click menus and keyboard shortcuts. Prove It! offers various levels for testing, ranging from basic to the advanced levels.


Our office/professional assessments measure a wide range of general clerical proficiencies and specialized skills used in today’s work environment. These assessments can aid in the hiring of administrative assistants, project managers and other office personnel from entry-level positions to the highly proficient experts.

Call Centre

Our call centre assessments are specifically designed to measure essential call centre skills. By using audio and visual cues, these assessments ensure call centre representatives are qualified in assessing customers’ needs and processing information professionally and efficiently.


Our financial assessments provide an array of assessments to determine the knowledge of accounting professionals, from Bookkeepers to Credit Analysts. Tests are designed to identify skill sets to ensure the most knowledgeable and capable candidates.


Our industrial assessments will help to effectively assess a wide variety of today’s skilled workers—designed to identify an assortment of positions ranging from an apprentice to master level.


Our technical assessments measure IT and computer programming skills. Developed as a tool for technical recruiters, technical assessments can be a critical element of the interviewing process, providing essential information about the actual skills set of any candidate.



Prove It! offers a variety of assessments in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and more.

Free Learning Tools

Prove It! simulation-based tutorials provide interactive instruction on how to accomplish a number of commonly required tasks within specific software applications.

Identifies Highly Qualified Candidates and Training Needs, Quickly and Easily

Kenexa Prove It! generates detailed test results immediately and with easily interpreted reports.

Proven Test Validity

Prove It! tests are developed by subject-matter experts to ensure content validity.

Learning Tools

A series of interactive tutorials to complement the Microsoft Office assessment offering.