Agency Workers Regulations

1. Background

From the 1 October 2011, the Agency Workers Regulations 2010 (the Regulations) will give agency workers working in England, Scotland and Wales new equal treatment rights. This means that when you are taken on by an agency and supplied to work for the agency’s client (the hirer) you will be entitled to work under the [...]

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2. Am I an agency worker?

The Regulations refer to an agency worker as: an individual; who is supplied by a temporary work agency to work temporarily under the supervision and direction of a hirer; and who has a contract of employment with the agency, or any other contract with the agency to perform work or services [...]

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4. What do you mean by Day One rights?

From day one of an assignment, as an agency worker, you will be entitled to the following two rights: i. The right to access information on job vacancies The hirer you are working for must inform you of any relevant job vacancies in their organisation and ensure that you have the same access as other [...]

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6. Pregnant agency workers

If you are a pregnant agency worker you will be entitled to paid time off to attend pregnancy related medical appointments and antenatal classes once you achieve the 12 weeks’ qualifying service. You will need to show the agency your appointment card or other proof of appointment (except for the first appointment). In addition, if [...]

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7. How will I qualify for equal treatment after 12 calendar weeks?

After you have worked for 12 calendar weeks in the same role with the same hirer you will be entitled to equal treatment irrespective of your working pattern (e.g. full time or part time) and irrespective of which or how many agencies supplied you to do the same role at the hirer. Any time worked [...]

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