7. How will I qualify for equal treatment after 12 calendar weeks?

After you have worked for 12 calendar weeks in the same role with the same hirer you will be entitled to equal treatment irrespective of your working pattern (e.g. full time or part time) and irrespective of which or how many agencies supplied you to do the same role at the hirer. Any time worked [...]

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13. What if I feel my agency is giving me shorter assignments just so that I don’t reach the 12 week qualifying period?

The Regulations contain anti-avoidance measures to prevent agencies and hirers from structuring assignments in a way so as to prevent you from reaching your 12 week qualifying period. This includes – supplying you to connected hirers, rotating you and other agency workers, or repeatedly terminating and recommencing assignments where the most likely explanation is to [...]

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16. Who should I complain to if I have an issue?

There will be no independent body tasked with policing and enforcing the Regulations. Instead you will be able to pursue a claim in an Employment Tribunal in order to enforce your rights. Such claims can either be brought against the hirer the agency or both depending on the particular breach in question. The Employment Tribunal [...]

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